Luxury Silk Lounge Wear

Create a Holiday Spa Environment Right Inside of Your Own Home

One of the best things about going on vacation is the amazing sense of relaxation that you get to enjoy. Think about all of the awesome things that you remember from your time away at the beach, on a resort, anywhere but home basically. The spa is one of the areas of your vacation that is usually going to stick out the most. Once you are done with your massage, usually you will get to enjoy the feeling of an amazingly soft, warm robe. Ever want to take home one of those robes for yourself? So why is it that when you get home, you do not try to bring that amazing feeling with you? Our designer luxury silk robes from AKOYA can help you accomplish just that.


There is something about the softness of our designer luxury silk robes that just helps to relax your body from your feet all the way up to your fingertips and beyond. All of the luxury silk lounge wear from our team at AKOYA are limited edition and designed right in Australia. The goal of our designer luxury silk robes is to help you feel as though you are on vacation all over again and help you become extremely relaxed.


Wind Down at Night With Designer Luxury Silk Tops

If you are not the type to wind down in a nice robe, why not a designer luxury silk top. Silk offer the ultimate comfort and it’s hypoallergenic, making you and your skin feel at ease. Plus, silk is perfect for, both, summer and winter time. Silk tops are something you can enjoy every night at home when you wind down to read a book, watch television, and get ready to rest up for the next day to come.


Here at AKOYA, we offer designer luxury silk tops that are meant to bring home the sense of vacation and comfort, to help you get your mind to an amazing place. The silk tops are versatile, more than ample to help you meet or exceed comfort expectations all around.


Made for Every Body Type


The great thing about luxury silk lounge wear is that it is made for everybody. The body type does not matter as our pieces are completely versatile. You can enjoy our luxury silk lounge wear and really get that amazingly relaxed feeling as though you are back at that spa, refreshed from your treatment and ready to take on the day ahead of you.


Here at AKOYA helps you accomplish that sense of stress-free living. We want to show you the garments, the amazing and exclusive prints, the flowing elegance of the robe, to help you unwind whether it be at the beginning or the end of every day. AKOYA really is for everyone to help you bring that feeling of vacation right to your household.


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