Designer Luxury Silk Dress

Lounge Around in Amazing Comfort When on Vacation

Are you going on vacation and are looking for a place to buy designer women’s holiday wear clothing or designer vacation wear clothing? If so, come shop at Akoya. Akoya was born from a passion to create a range of glamorous, but easy to wear pieces, that would instantly give you that relaxed holiday feeling every time you put them on.


With our designer vacation wear clothing, we want you to have that sense of feeling like you are totally relaxed, stress-free, and ready to take on the day ahead. We look to accomplish that with each of the designs we set out to create in our inclusive and colorful arrangements of lounge attire.


Every Design is Unique and Limited


From designer luxury silk dresses to our silk robes, everything we create with is unique and limited edition. When we create our designer women’s holiday wear clothing, we do it with our customer base always top of mind. We are always looking for ways to really drive forward relaxation and a positive state of mind.


When we set out to create our designer women’s holiday wear clothing, we think about if it is something you would wear on holiday. Everything that we craft is loaded with colors, amazing designs, all to give off that beach and relaxation vibe we are seeking. We also use silk in creating our timeless pieces because silk is durable, it is environmentally friendly, it lets the skin breathe, regulates its temperature and it feels absolutely wonderful to wear.


Lounge Clothing for Everyone


The other great thing about each of our creations at AKOYA is that we create clothing for everyone. We take great pride in making our line up as inclusive as possible. We have all sorts of sizes, from the smallest to the plus size collection. Whether you are looking for a designer luxury silk dress or a nice sarong to wear on vacation, resort vacation, you can be sure that we have everything to meet the needs of all of our shoppers.


It all starts by checking out our line of designer vacation wear clothing at We work hard to keep the designs fresh and to keep new garments coming at all times. Our hope is that you will fall in love with what we create, and really have an opportunity to bring that vacation wear with you to enjoy in everyday life, not just while on vacation. Take it all in and enjoy what the clothing from AKOYA has to offer.