Get That Holiday Feeling All The Time 

Whenever I holiday at the beach, I wear flowing, colourful clothing, both day and night. I have always loved the relaxed, elegant feel of dressing that way, and I was invariably sad every time I had to put those "feel good" holiday clothes away. I guess that's how AKOYA was born - I wanted to create a range of glamorous, but easy to wear pieces, that would instantly give you that relaxed holiday feeling every time you put them on. I chose to work with silk because it is durable, it is environmentally friendly, it lets the skin breathe and regulates its temperature, and it feels absolutely wonderful to wear.


All AKOYA garments are designed in Australia, and made in limited quantities by a small team in India.  I feel very blessed to have found such wonderful people to work with, not only do they bring my prints and designs to life, but their work is of exceptional quality.  When you purchase from Akoya, you are buying a limited edition garment that is supporting the global community. 


All AKOYA pieces are made with comfort in mind, and they are designed to flatter most body types.  AKOYA garments are versatile, they can be worn a number of different ways, and can take you from the beach to the cocktail bar, with the simple addition of some earrings and a pair of heels. Most importantly, I wanted AKOYA garments to make the wearer feel amazing - I hope the combination of heading turning prints and the flowing elegance of silk, will make AKOYA pieces a real pleasure to wear. 

Thank you for looking at our site, we will be adding new prints and garments regularly, so please come back and visit us soon.

Deborah Milne - AKOYA Designer.